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Teeth Whitening


Teeth WhiteningFew people are completely happy with the whiteness of their teeth, and in fact, millions of people experience dental discoloration to some degree. Even people who brush and floss regularly, and who never miss a dental checkup or a cleaning may, over the course of time, find that their teeth aren’t quite as brilliant as they once were. Professional teeth whitening can lighten your teeth, and sometimes even eliminate stains entirely.



Different Options


There are several products and treatments that are designed to whiten your teeth. Some preparations are available over the counter, but they are unlikely to be as dependable or to offer the same level of whitening as the treatments that are available from your dentist.


Over the counter treatments are among the cheapest types of whitening, but they can be largely ineffective, or may contain levels of peroxide that are high enough to damage your teeth – this is especially true of the least expensive ones. In-office teeth whitening is the most expensive method, but it is also the one that will deliver the best results. The final cost will, of course depend on how many treatments you require. It may be possible to supplement in-office whitening treatments with take-home treatments consisting of whitening trays and gels, available from your dentist, that you use at home.


Side effects from professional dental whitening treatments are very rare, and when they do occur, are mild. Whitening is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment.


Who Benefits?Cosmetic Denistry


Virtually anyone who wants a brighter smile can benefit from professional teeth whitening. If you have mild or moderate discoloration, whitening can restore your smile. However, you may not be a good candidate for whitening if you have extremely sensitive teeth. Additionally, if you have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), or you grind your teeth, the problem could be exacerbated by the use of whitening trays – that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from whitening, though, it just means that you’ll have to have in-office treatments.


Patients who have veneers, crowns, or dental bonding need to know that any restoration or fabrication will not respond to whitening. If a patient who has any of these treatments chooses to have their teeth whitened, they will need to have their restorations replaced to match the new appearance of their natural teeth.


An Affordable Solution


Professional teeth whitening can be a great confidence-builder, and it’s a reasonably inexpensive way to add dazzle to your smile. It is, however, an elective treatment. Since it’s not essential for oral health, your dental plan will not cover it. You may qualify for a low-interest, or even a no-interest loan through companies like Compassionate Finance® that offer loans for cosmetic dentistry. Most people, however, find that the cost of professional teeth whitening is not all that onerous.


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