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Losing your teeth can cause a multitude of problems, including difficulty chewing leading to an inability to enjoy your favorite foods. Then, of course, there’s also the damage done to your self-esteem – you feel self-conscious, and you don’t want to smile.


Fortunately, there are steps you can take to restore your smile. The best choice is implants, since they’re exactly like your real teeth and will never slip or get lost. However, implants aren’t for everyone – they’re expensive, for one thing. Also, not everyone can have implants. Certain medical conditions can make it difficult or impossible for implants to bond effectively to the jaw. When implants are neither financially nor medically desirable, the solution is dentures.


How Dentures Work


DenturesDentures replace your missing teeth. Full or partial dentures consist of artificial teeth that fit snugly over your bone ridge, and ideally, function in the same way as natural teeth. You have probably heard horror stories about dentures that have slipped or fallen out, resulting in embarrassment for the wearer, but the reality is that when they’re properly fitted, dentures can actually be amazingly stable.


It can be difficult to wear dentures in the beginning. This is because they need to fit the space in your mouth that were occupied by your original teeth. Ultimately, though, your mouth will adapt to your dentures. When you’re waiting for your permanent dentures, you’ll be fitted with a temporary set to wear while your gums shrink. They’ll give you a better appearance, and help you adjust to wearing dentures. They will, however, not fit as well as your permanent set.


Permanent dentures are made to resemble your natural teeth, and to perform in the same way.


Different Types of DenturesTypes of Dentures


In addition to standard dentures, other options are available. If you are a good candidate for implants, for instance, you might consider implant supported overdentures. They’re suitable for people who have only some teeth missing. They fit on the remaining teeth, and are anchored using several implants (usually three or more). These dentures are fully functional, so you won’t even feel as though there’s anything in your mouth other than natural teeth.


Partial dentures are made from plastic, and are used to fill spaces where teeth are missing. They’re very inexpensive, and often serve as replacements for people who are waiting to have implant surgery.


Transitional partial dentures are also inexpensive, and are used to improve your smile while you’re waiting for full dentures.


Ensuring a Good Fit


To make dentures, your dentist takes a mold of your teeth. The mold is used to shape your dentures. Once you receive them, they’ll very likely need to be re-lined, because once your teeth are removed, your gums shrink.


It’s not easy making dentures. To make a quality denture, a mold has to be made of the top and bottom of your mouth. Dentists, denturists and lab technicians are all involved in the process of making an impression of the ridges on both the top and bottom of your mouth. Once the results are satisfactory, your dentures are made. Quality dentures will fit well, and will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods with little or no difficulty.


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