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InvisalignCurtiss Dentistry is your certified Invisalign® provider in Maryville. Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional braces. They’re invisible, removable aligners – no one will even know that you’re wearing them.


The Invisalign® Advantage


No one is ever happy having crooked teeth, but by the same token, unsightly metal braces don’t do wonders for the appearance either. Traditionally, it’s been a trade-off. People have worn metal braces (sometimes for a long time) in the hope of having a more attractive smile later on.


Metal braces are not without their problems, though. It’s not easy to clean your teeth when you’re wearing braces. That means that food and bacteria get trapped around the braces, and often, once the braces are removed, decay begins to develop. The worst thing is, it happens on the front of the teeth, where it’s not only the most noticeable, it’s the most difficult type of decay to correct.


With Invisalign®, the aligners can actually be removed, so the teeth can be thoroughly brushed and flossed. Nothing is trapped, because there are no brackets, bands and bars – just the invisible aligners that can be removed for cleaning, and then put back on to straighten the teeth.


Who Can Benefit?


Virtually anyone who wants straighter teeth but does not want the unsightliness and discomfort of metal braces can benefit from Invisalign®. If you’re worried that metal braces could harm your teeth, or make you look unattractive, you can be assured that with Invisalign®, your dental treatment can be a secret held only by you, Dr. Curtiss, and the dental team. No one else needs to know.


If you’ve neglected your smile for years, and you’ve finally decided that you’d like to do something about it, you can feel confident with Invisalign®.


The Procedure


Dr. Curtiss DenistryBefore you’re fitted with your Invisalign® removable aligners, Dr. Curtiss will take impressions of your teeth. Then, he’ll make use of 3-D imaging software in order to create a series of aligners for you. The first set will fit over your teeth as they are currently aligned, and the final set will be the ones that bring your teeth into perfect alignment. Between the first and the last set, you’ll be wearing several other sets (probably between 18 and 30), which will be replaced regularly according to where you are in the treatment. Your teeth will be straightened gradually, and gently, with none of the discomfort (and sometimes even pain) that is the hallmark of metal braces.


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Whether you’re the parent of a child whose teeth aren’t coming in correctly, or an adult who has finally made the decision to improve your smile, you’re on the right track considering Invisalign®. It’s the most effective, attractive way of correcting misaligned teeth on the market today, and as your certified Invisalign® provider in Maryville, Curtiss Dentistry will be pleased to advise you. Call us today at 865-984-3211 to arrange a consultation with Dr. Curtiss and begin the journey toward a more attractive smile and better oral health with Invisalign®.




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